Ralf Schindler - Talk 5 on Logic Summer School of Fudan University, 2020


  • Finish the last theorem of the last lecture: Force by a stationary set preserving forcing:
    $$(M;\in,I)\xrightarrow[\text{of length } \omega_1]{\text{generic iteration}}(H_{\omega_2}^V;\in,\mathbf{NS}_{\omega_1}^V),$$

    where $M$ is a generically iterable countable transitive structure.

  • $\Bbb P_{\max}$ forcing and analysis of $L(\Bbb R)^{\Bbb P_{\max}}$;

  • $(\ast)$ and: $\mathbf{MM}^{++}\implies(\ast)$.

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Forcing Over CH

Let $\mathbb P = Fn(\omega_2\times\omega,2)$ be the collection of all the finite partial functions from $\omega_2\times \omega$ to $2$. Our strategy is:

  • to firstly find a collection of dense sets $D_{\alpha\beta}$, such that a generic filter $G$ can be build upon;
  • to secondly prove that any generic filter of $\mathbb P$ preserves cardinals.

Lemma. 1 $D_{\alpha\beta}$ are dense sets, where
$$D_{\alpha\beta} = {p\in\mathbb P\mid \exists n\in\omega(\langle\alpha,n\rangle\in dom(p), \langle\beta,n\rangle\in dom(p),p(\alpha,n)\neq p(\beta,n))}.$$

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